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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ipod nano - 5th generation

New technoligical aim for christmas 2009 ----> The Ipod Nano (5th Generation)

I've wondered before what's the big deal with Apple products... I mean it seems like a whole lot of cash just for a brand name... You get the same thing - music & videos - if you buy a Sony product instead, right? Anyway, my college friends both ipod shuffle's and they say the sound is WAY better, which makes me wonder if its the player or the earphones....

I must admit though... Ipod Nano's are REALLY pwetty... and i've fallen in love with one. The blue ipod nano.

(love this)

I was in between either the purple or the blue. However, when i saw them in real life at the Machine outlet at 1U, the blue was better looking than the purple and it was a darker blue. And the pink was a sick looking color (not in a good way).

So what's up with the latest ipod nano? There's a video camera!!! but it seems that it only videos and cant take pictures.... boo...

One thing that's really cool is that if you order it off their website, you can get a free inscription on the back of the ipod. Plus, if you get the red one, donations will be given to the foundation.

Unfortunately, i will have to go to China to get mine so no goodies for me..... Hopefully i find what i want.... =)

Ipod Nano Revolution

It's funny how it got fat before it got skinier agian.... And what's really funny is that have the cardboard version of the first ipod STILL stuck on my board...



Elaine New said...

when r u goin China, babe? n nice new blog template! =)

Dorothy H. Yap said...

Thanks! Goin China on the 3rd.. coming back 10th... Hopefully can join for Phuket... =)

amelia ng ruiyi said...

i wanna go china tooo!!! bring me along...phuket er...sth happen to it...hahaha!! xP

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