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Monday, November 2, 2009

for PJ people....

My exam is tomorrow and im blogging NOW. Ha! That’s a joke.
Anyway, on Sunday me and the fam went to Pj after church cause i told my dad i needed an EHD. So first we stopped by Jaya One for lunch.

Jaya One – for PJ people
Isn’t that the funniest slogan you’ve ever seen for a mall? LOL. Its like either telling people that their other people ain’t good enough for this mall. Or its because the “PJ people” have been excluded from other malls and so they built this. HA!
When we went inside hunting for a place to eat, i saw this gated area that had rabbits on it! So cute. There was this huge, HUGE grey fluffy rabbit. Biggest rabbit i ever saw but i think it was a different breed, you know the one that has really long fur?
Although the rabbits in the cage were even better. At first i saw this really cute floopy eared grey rabbit. But the rabbit below it was one to remember. It was all white except for a black line around its eye. Srsly. It looked like it was wearing eyeliner! I was dying to take a picture, but my phone had no battery and the sales girl was standing near-by. Anyway, i tried to find a picture online to give you some sort of idea what it looked like.

This is what i found... Yes, it was THAT perfect... i so want one! <3

There was also a small bazaar there so i just HAD to take a look. You know how now days shopping malls are all about saving the environment and all that? And everyone is encouraging reusable bags? Well then of course if they want people to catch on they gotta have cool looking and convenient reusable bags right? Well it doesn’t help if one bag cost like rm25.90!!! i mean come on! Should it really be so expensive to do good for the world? With that in mind, i love what i found at the bazaar... its a lil “help-the-environment” bag that looks just as “cool”, has a clip you can attach to your bag or keychain, AND it only cost rm10. Ha! Take that Living Quarters!!!

After lunch ( i had breakfast for lunch!!!), which involved killing a sausage that bounced off my plate, we bought groceries and then it was off the the PJ Digital Mall to get my stuff done.
I was looking for the WD Passport Essential hard disk (it had NOTHING to do with the fact that it came in red, pink and blue.... XP ) but it cost about rm255 for 320GB and the only colour they had was black. So instead the guy advised to get the WD hard disk and buy the cover separate. And surprise, surprise.... i got a pink, shiny, aluminium cover... Heh-Heh. =)

FYI, if you’re gonna go buy a hard disk, try asking for a customized version. Its much cheaper. My 320GB hard disk and cover only cost rm200 and it’s the same thing at rm50 less.
Only thing i have to say, going to a place like the Digital Mall, you’d think the toilets would be like all the rest – dark, small, and maybe smelly. Surprisingly, it was actually really nice! Soap dispenser for each tap, shiny doors... Like in the ranks of a 3 stars hotel kind of public toilet, maybe better! There were even TV’s in the wall! HA! But they weren’t working so i used them as a mirror instead. X)
After getting my lil electronic brain, i went to get more games for my NDS... and i saw the new PSP Go

Pretty cool, huh? Looks like they made playing it more comfortable but i dont know what else is new.
OH! OH! And i got to touch a BlackBerry!!! A REAL BlackBerry... Gosh, the scroll pad is so cool.... BlackBerry.... Mmmmmmm... *drool* BlackBeerrryyy......... ......... ..........

......... .................... ...

........... .....

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Elaine New said...

i have a fren who has a rabbit like tat. exactly with the eye liner. haha.