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Friday, December 18, 2009

Color Me Corby

So there i was minding my own business, reading my book.....

When suddenly.....
I was struck. No, seriously. I was hit with... with.... colour!!!

It came out of apparently nowhere! and it struck me with such force that i was scared.
What was this strange bright color that i'd never seen before???
Then there were more!!! Coming from everywhere!
I had no where to run to and then.....
I was hit.
Right in the gut.
Then as if the attack wasn't enough, the colour began to spread.

It was everywhere! I was being coloured!!!
At first i fought it, trying to rub off the colour. Then it consumed me futher and i stopped fighting.
I saw in a new light. A sight that included colour and i loved it.
I loved every bit of it. And i never wanted to live without colour ever agian.
And then I found the source of the "attack".
The present i wasnt supposed to open till Christmas.
A pink Samsung Corby.

Color me Corby.... Color me.


ML said...

cute!!! ahahaha

amelia ng ruiyi said...

what? it's not lame...it's good leh!!! *thumbs up*

Dorothy H. Yap said...

sure.... ahahahaha. =)