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Sunday, December 20, 2009

For future refrence....

If you just happen to superglue your fingers together... Here's what you do.

"Superglue sometimes called crazy glue, bonds in seconds. I must admit that I have been careless in the past and have had it on my fingers. Well if you have glued your fingers together read on. (You may want to ask someone to scroll the page for you incase you get stuck to the keyboard! Joke!)

The first thing not to do is panic.(Yeah, don't break out the "What to do in a Emergancy" book like my mom.) The glue will do no harm as long as you do not try to pull your fingers apart. Just soak the affected areas in warm soapy water and gently prise the fingers apart with the handle of a small spoon. Just go slow and you should be okay. If it hurts you are trying too hard.

If you are really stuck and non of the advice seems to appeal to you then I suggest you see medical attention as soon as possible. Do take the glue container with you to the hospital as that will help the staff release you."
(from link)

Apparently, cooking oil and lots of patience will remove or unstick superglue.(that's what my dad wanted to use) It is also what they use in hospitals if you turn up there with your eyes glued shut as someone in Australia did recently, mistaking the superglue for eye drops in the fridge. (WOW) link

One other method is nail-polish remover. Apply acetone-based nail-polish remover to the area. The acetone breaks down the bond. link


amelia ng ruiyi said...

so are you fingers forced divorce already??

Dorothy said...

yes.... unfortunately.... haihz. they miss each other.... XD