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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Letter of Love

Dear Robert Pattinson,
You're a jerk.
A simple-minded, unimaginative, unhygienic jerk. The reason you were chosen for the role of Edward Cullen is unfathomable. Maybe you just lucked out because you had red hair and the better looking dudes were too old. Whatever it may be you put his name to shame. Mind you, no one knew your name before there was Twilight. When discussing the actor for the character Edward Cullen, the conversations were basically like this:
"Does anyone know who is gonna play Edward Cullen?"
- "I heard it's gonna be that Cedric guy from Harry Potter"
"The one that died?"
- "Yea"
"Oh... hmm..."

OR even if some DID know your name it basically was:
"Who's playing Edward???"
- "Robert Pattinson"
- "That guy that played Cedric in HP"
- "The one that died in the end"
"Ooh!!! Well, he's KINDA cute..."

Honestly, i read the comment threads. Granted i never watched the movie, looking at the posters were enough for me. And the trailer sealed the deal that i will NEVER watch it. Your supposed "beautiful, pained" look? Yea. It looks like your painfully comstipated instead.
And so, i'd like to say that you dont have to worry about people (or at least SOME people) mistaking you for your character Edward because you are the furthest thing from him they could have hired for this job. Unfortunately, i cant vow this for everyone because there are still those that are crazy about you. Emphasis on the word crazy.
I simply cannot understand how you could play a character you hardly understand and don't even like. It's an insult to all those that take YOU, of all people, as their representation of the dream that is Edward Cullen. The fact that you can insult your own character like that.... I have lost ALL respect for you.
If you cannot understand that character and what he stands for, well i extremely pity whoever falls in love with you for real bacause you obviously dont understand what it means to really, REALLY love.
But Good Luck to you! Hope you dont get run over by (too many) cabs.. and good luck with your face. =D
p/s:- but if you destroy any more of my favourite story book characters, I hope you are trampled and torn appart by a horde of screaming fans.

Peace & Love,
Dorothy Y.

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wateva12 said...

haha. i hate him too! XP