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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well he IS the chosen one...

FINALLY I got to hang out with my frens and finally i got to go see Gina dear... and it was so much fun... the best was when Jackson found a caterpillar in his salad and we got 2 free deserts for us to share. =)
We went to 1U (as usual) to watch the ever anticipated Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Many are complaining that it was a letdown and most were actually falling asleep... (i blame the late night clubbing XD).
Well I didn’t feel sleepy. It wasn’t a big WOW since it was more story than action, which is what i think disappointed them. I personally thought this movie was a change from all the other HP movies.... Basically, every year before this, Harry’s life was always threatened and he is on the edge of death by the end of the movie.
In this movie there were more run of the mill problems for the teens to face like love triangles, while someone else took the beating. Which was Prof. Dumbledore and his anticipated murder. It was also interesting to find out who was the Half-Blood Prince ( i dont read the book so its all new to me).... It gave slightly more insight into that complicated character and added to his potential evilness. I really liked the fact that Draco (Tom Felton) was given more of the spotlight but i didn’t like seeing him suffer so... =(

Another thing that was a plus and i guess kept me awake , was that it was funnier. There was a lighter environment to the movie that accompanied the fact that Harry didn’t face near death this time. Honestly, i’ve never laughed or giggled so much at a HP movie. Another change was that Hermione wasn’t the best in her class, AGAIN, and it was cute to see her struggle.
What the movie basically came down to was a deeper look into Tom Riddle’s past and the reasons why Voldemort still survives. It is just an “opening act” for the big reveal which is to come NEXT year.... Gah. D: