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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


the word EMO. Yet another trendy, overrated word in a series of trendy, overrated words.

Honestly people that think they're SO cool when they use the word? well, you're not.
You're just a wannabe like all the others.

(now, if YOU'RE reading this. Yes you. The one who always overthinks stuff. You know who you are. This isn't aimed at you since you have obviously been labeled it. Its different,we can use it cuz WE'RE cool. XD so dont go all "emo" thinking i'm dissing you. LOL)

You use a word that you dont even know the true meaning of. Its NOT a trend or a stereotype or whatever.
If you think you're being really deep by using that word? yea... not really.
And those group of people that get categorized as "Emo"? People that cut, use black, gender bend and are all "i hate the world"? Yea, they are NOT emo.

It has been assumed that emo stands for emotional and therefore that gives you the right to use to express your feelings. but incase you didn't know? being sad its not the only emotion around. if it is for you? thats sad.
Therefore, emo could mean happy, sad, angry, jealous, aggitated, furious, ecstatic... all emotions rite???

What emo REALLY means is a subgenre of punk originating in the 80s. Emo = Emotive Hardcore. The 80's emo bands aren't anything like My Chemical Romance, who are more of a alternative rock/post hardcore band.

The style commonly attributed to the MCR-style "emos" is more appropriately labeled as "scene." This is the tight jeans, hair over one eye style that you may see around school.

"Emo" is an 80's punk sub-genre, not My Chemical Romance. "Scene" is the style commonly associated with emos.

So please. Get educated. dont just follow trends blindly.

Im not saying dont use the word emo. I think its an awsome word. Just dont overuse it or miss use it. Especially calling someone emo when they're not. =P


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