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Monday, April 6, 2009

Recomended download!!!

ok, so im here slacking off.... i went a lil crazy on facebook last night and now im a twitter addict... all in a days work of being obsessed... among other things i was obsessed about was Twilight, Miley Cyrus and quizes on facebook....
LATEST UPDATE : i just changed my homepage to friendster.com, very bad.....

anyway, what im really here to promote in Mp3Tag

i downloaded a few Twilight Movie soundtracks - i know im totally against anything Twilight Movie related but i dont mind listening to the songs ok??? so sue me...- but the album art attached to the songs were from the Twilight Movie *cringe*.
Have you ever been irritated by that??? ugly album art on your favourite song???
so i googled "how to change picture attached to song" and "change picture attached to mp3" till i found this!!!

the download link is here

its really easy to use and you can set album art (and other things) on multiple songs at a time... plus, if you like one of the picture from a song and want to attach it to all the other you can!

just select the song with the album art you want,
1) right click on the picture in the bottom left corner
2) click "copy cover"
3) reselect all the songs you want to attach the album art to
4) right click the box on the bottom left
5) and click "paste cover"

easy as that!!! now all my songs have the album art i want...
you can also rename all the artists and albums individually or all together.

to get more info on how to use the program click here

hope this helped and you like the porgram... Go0d LuCk!!!!