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Friday, April 23, 2010

Blue Bloods Font

The Blue Bloods Saga by Melissa De La Cruz is a really good read, as far as teenage vampire books go.
I am particularly in love with the title font on the front cover (the bigger transparent one) and the font used for the first letter of every chapter. 

I have tried looking for it online but never found it. Clearly, it isnt popular enough that someone would design or publish the font set like Twilight.

Anyway, I happen to stumble on a free font website that had quite a similar font. 

It is abstractfonts.com.

These are the fonts that i found interesting, you can find them in the Script category of the website. The one that seems the most like the Blue Bloods font is the Eutemia II, Bold Italic and Selfish, Regular.
Also, if you can't find what you're looking for on dafont.com this site has some unfound designs you should check out.

Enjoy!~ and hope this helps. 

EDIT: I actually found a more similar font. Looks basically exactly like the book font. If you want it, tell me.


Melissa said...

Hey I would be like so grateful if you could send me the font. I've been looking for it for a long time now.
My e-mail adress: melissa.jallier@gmail.com
Thx a lot!

Guest Poster said...

I'd also love to know the font! Please send it to louise.sarmiento@ymail.com