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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gossip Girl - it was named PERFECTLY

For the first time ever since it was released i watched an episode of Gossip Girl. (Late i know) And i LOVED it!!! NOT.
i saw in the Tv guide of the Star new paper that Gossip Girl that night (Wed - 14/10) would be about some Snowflake Ball thingy. I THOUGHT that would be interesting to watch since it was a dance thingy and dance thingys involve pwetty dress and i LOVE pwetty dress and glitter and anything that sparkles...... (*Bimbo Alert*).
Anyway, i thought it was gonna be good. I was So wrong... it was SO predictable. and SO overrated. it was worse than One Tree Hill!!! im convinced the only reason people watch it is for the fashion and the gorgeous actors (which i cant deny) and thats all.
Storyline? WHat Storyline??? the never-ending exchanging of partners and one-night stands???
Ooohhh!!! RIVETING!
Its sad actually... quite sad. In fact, i'd rather watch the Hills. at least they dont have characters coming back from the dead.
Im thinking the books must be slightly better but im not so sure now.
WHY, OH WHY are these tv people torturing us with these stupid shows!
where's Ugly Betty??? Heroes??!!?! and CHuck!!! what ever happened to Chuck!
now THAT's a show to watch. Story of a guy that has all of the most top secret files imprinted on his brain? now THAT's a stroy.... XP plus, i never saw the episode featuring Nicole Richie!!!