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Friday, May 8, 2009

To all the people that scream "Crazy!"

This is for all the girls that fell in love with the image of Edward Cullen. This is to all the people that laugh and think we’ve lost our minds.....

I don’t see why people should think / call those that are in love with Edward Cullen crazy or foolish (though I’ll admit some are crazier than others). Whats so wrong about wanting someone like Edward Cullen? Because he’s not realistic?

Well that’s not OUR fault.

The image of Edward Cullen that we (most of us) fall in love with is not all about the striking Greek god looks, the sparkling skin, his money, the fact that he’s a vampire or even the supernatural powers (although those are pretty appealing). We aren’t stupid; we know that stuff isn’t possible.

It’s the chivalry!!! The personality of a gentleman, the utter selflessness he possesses. It’s about the fact he can love someone, Bella, so completely. We want THAT.

Bella and Edward have a relationship based on LOVE, not passion. Love; pure and simple. And so strong! And that’s what is lacking in the society today. What is lacking in the boys we see (most of them). It’s a classic saying that “Boys are only after one thing” and it’s all too true. We are tired of women being portrayed as sex symbols. Instead, we want to be attractive not because we’re “hot” or “sexy” or even confident and outgoing, but because of us. Who we are.

And as much as we would like it, we’re not looking for someone that lives entirely for one person (that would be so romantic but clearly improbable). Edward Cullen has nothing else to live for, and honestly that kind of obsession might be a little scary.... coming from a human. =)

So I dont think guys or other people should tell us to get over this big fantasy of our very own Edward Cullen. Because it IS possible for a guy to be chivalrous, most just dont care enough. All the guy has to do is get the personality right, we’ll add the glitter... =)

For someone to love you and only you so entirely and honestly, not see anyone else, who wouldn’t want to experience that? Huh? The idea of finding someone so perfect for you, THAT’s what we hope to find, hope to achieve.....

Bella was a simple girl and Edward loved her so completely, THAT is what is so appealing about the story. Seeing them convince the other of who loves them more and sacrificing what they can to make the other happy.

THAT is what this crazy fan girl wants... but i guess it IS impossilble cause there isn’t a guy like that out there right? =)

Of course, who wouldn’t want EDWARD CULLEN, whole and true the full package. Might as well aim high right? Oh well, I still have my books...
Hey! Maybe more guys should read the books & get a few pointers on how to treat a lady?


Ryan said...

Scream like a crazy fan girl!!!

QuirkyLilPrincess said...

i dun exactly like edward but i agree with ur points which is why i have loads of guy frenz and not a bf.ppl may think omg,she's so 'slutty' and stuff but seriously,the guys treat me better than a bf did.