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Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!! *sceaming in high-pitched girlie tone*

ok..... yes i'm a highly addicted Twilight fans but i didnt really go screaming around the bookstore when i saw Breaking Dawn on the shelves.... i've just been waiting for it for like... 5 months, and been visiting the countdown site everyday for like a two weeks (there were daily quotes ok!)...Hurry Up
no big deal right? my heart did skip a beat but for the most part i kept quite cool... Cool
i was disappointed when i found out that the hardcover books haven't arrived yet.... Kicking Dirt
when i asked the girl there she said it might not come till next week and that was a "maybe"... ONE WEEK! i dont think i could have last that long and there would have been alot of emotional stress the people around me... mayb even physical, i cant be hold responsible for my actions.... (really, i didnt scream... not at the bookstore anyway....)
so to save a lot trouble i got the paperback instead at a discount from Borders (20% off at least)..

anyway, im planning to get the hardcover book later.. mayb at christmas... so if anyone want to get my paperback version form me at less than half price let me noe k?