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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Best Damn Thing That My Eye's Have Ever Seen!

Last night was omg... and then omg! she was so... omg! OMG! OMG!?!! Then we omg... and they omg... which was so omg... i mean seriously...omg? and we were so omg... it was like omg... OMG!

ok... last night was the Avril Lavigne concert at Stadium Merdeka... So after my final class at 5, we went and got ready to go... We (Saqina, Linna, Steph, Yoyo and me) reached the area around 7 something and went to buy McD's for dinner. Cheeseburger (Happy Meal! haha.) - the same thing i ate the night before.... it started to rain so we walked with our food and umbrella's to the stadium... we got there and of course there we're people sell lots of stuff like glow sticks, posters, and light sticks... there was 1 store that was selling official tour merchandise... there were flags and tshirts but it was so... expensive. rm100 or 90 for the tshirts and nothing under rm30. so all i got was an Avril poster from Hotlink... so sad.

When we went inside, they asked us to sit on the benches while waiting for the rain to stop... VIP mah... haha. the concert started about 9pm... Not bad considering they said it was gonna start at 8.45... so with our glow sticks and noise making ballon thingys, we took our seats in front... we ended up changing places 3 or more times cause we were sitting in the wrong place... haha.

thank God the rain stopped when it started... would have melted my make-up! haha. so everyone started screaming over the smallest thing like the testing of the lights, moving guitars... including me... heehee. but in the vip seats we couldnt jump around or anything.... :(

When the concert started it was Awsome!!! she sang the Girlfriend song first... as we predicted... then she sang Complicated... her performances were fantastic... she sounds even better live than she does on the album!!! i have found new love and respect for her.... she's is totally one of my fav singers... She even played the guitar, piono AND the drums.... omg. it was great...

And she waved at me!!! the lunatic girl near the front screaming! Me! haha. of couse everyone would say the same thing but just let me live in my fantasy... fyi, i was so close i could see her wedding ring... haha. and her hair was so cool!

and another thing i never realized bout her is she's so.... cute! before one of her songs, Sk8r Boy i think, she was playing with the crowd... that was really cool... at least at the end we moved in front and got to jump around (me and Linna anyway).

she left us at about 11pm... so short was our time together.... haihz... but we stuck around to see if we could watch her leave but no luck there...

All in all it was a pretty awsome night... and now i have a week of holidays dedicated to sleeping and reading and playing my DS before my next semester starts... haha.

*sigh* I love life......................

p/s :- thank you Saqina! and especially your mom for getting the tickets! it was great! You Are The Woman

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