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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just a Heartbeat away....

It’s the month of June and my friend’s birthday is in less than a two weeks. I panic.
I search the web, especially eBay, for anything Twilight related because that’s what she loves.... Everything I find is too expensive and impossible to receive by her birthday... Then I decide to design my own gift but I can’t anywhere to make it!!! Even THAT is expensive... So I stick to searching Malaysian businesses only and that when I found it...

HEARTBEAT.MY!!! http://heartbeat.my

It’s a great site where you can get great personalized items at reasonable prices... When I found it I couldn’t decide what to make!!! In the end I made a cushion with a picture of Bella and Edward on it... And it came the day before her birthday!!! It was great and I was so happy!!!

Ain’t it beautiful??? Although looking for the picture scared my eyes for life... =)

Don’t know how to make a design? Don’t worry!!! They have a range of templates you can select from... You just need to provide a picture and words and the designers will do the rest! So simple... You even get a draft sent to you so you can make sure you like it and if you don’t just say so, then you can change whatever you want...
They provide personalized & unique gifts such as T-shirts, mugs, puzzles and so on that printed with your photos and special wording on it. There are no minimums quantity. It is suitable for all gift-giving occasions such as birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary ... They also provide bulk T-shirts printing, trophies, banners, promotional items, corporate gifts etc.
The thing I LOVED about the site is the flexible payment methods... You don’t necessarily need to have a credit card (you know how parents are). You just need a bank account, enough money and an atm. You can even do online banking if you have the access. You also can contact them any time with questions (which I did a lot) and you get fast answers...
The best part was of course that the whole process was so fast... From the order to the shipping. I never thought that her present would be able to presented to her in time but they did it. They exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy with that.

“HeartBeat.my is dedicated to encouraging people to express their own artistic impulses in our web site. Because we pay a lot of attention to making sure that all our gifts are personalised and unique. HeartBeat.my produces those unique gifts that you could not find in Malaysia gifts & souvenirs shop. We help you to be a unique & cool individual.” - Heartbeat.com

And thats exactly what they did... and i would love to buy more.... =D Especially since i LOVE personalized item...

And there are no worries about quality or shipping... They accept returned goods for exchanging or money back guanrantee IF they are defective during delivery.
If this looks like I’m advertising the site? I am. I think they deserve it and there should be more like them. So check them out. Never know what you could get.


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