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Saturday, June 6, 2009

stupid book.....

(i say that with lotsa love. srsly.)

I am talking about.... The Host.
Yes.. for the third or forth night in a row, i went to sleep (reluctantly) at nearly two in the morning...
It's worst than with Twilight!!!
not that The Host will outrank Twilight in my favs but its certainly up there with the best.
With Twilight i was afraid of reading too fast because i didnt want it to end... but with The Host, the writing is so smooth that i just cant find a place to stop!
i constantly say to myself "ok, just until i find out what happens after this"
of course then something else happens and the statement continues... thus, leaving me even more irritated with the need for sleep and wishing to that we didnt need to sleep so often...

and so in my irritation i scolded my book saying, "Stupid book..." and i truly did say it with love and admiration.... =)