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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

High School Musical...

this is a site you must visit.... its hilarious!!! its a jack-ass imitation of wikipedia... kind of like wikipedia in "teen" language... check it out...

a quote from the page after searching Vanessa Hudgens...

If you talk to any kid in elementary school, odds are 5 to 1 that they can
sing every song from HSM. The plot goes like so: A cute multi-racial girl moves to new school, gets ignored by the popular kids, sparks a flame while singing karaoke with the star jock who really just wants to sing. 12 year-old girls adore this movie, which consists of about 99% googly-eye scenes and 1% tween fluff. It's like Romeo and Juliet, but without the sex, death, drama, or any meaningful content.

Because she is a dumb slut, the squeaky-clean-and-perfect idol for teen
girls of the current generation took nude pics of herself and sent them
to her boyfriend - who promptly sent them to ebaumsworld.

"ok i know you didnt mean to get them all over the internet but they did. and youre a celebrity you know somebody is gunna find u & leak those fotos. and only a complete IDIOT would take a nude pic f themself! are u soo obsessed wit urself that u have to frikin take naked pics of urself? thats low nd soo completley stupid. and if u like urself naked the do urself or just rip ur clothes off & look in a huge mirror. not pictures. and whos personal collection has naked pics if u can rip off ur clothes and look in a mirror. if u wanna be a role model for little girls then dont pose naked because then they will think its okay to do that. Baby V im disappointed...Bye"

judgemental, but very perceptive 14yr old girl on myspace


(WARNING: Some of the content might not be suitable for those under 18) LOL. - just try searching Vanessa.... Scared 1