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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rebel Freedom

I pierced my ears.... yay yay... my parents dont like it but i did it.... yay yay.... hahaha....
i feel a childish sense of acomplishment that i did it... finally they have to start realising that i cant be told wat to do forever.... but that still hasn't stop them from telling me wat to do 18 hours a day..... talk about lack of freedom and no freedom of speech.... just because im young, they think i dont know anything.... just wait till im 21... i'll get a tattoo that they'll never know about.... muahahahaha. for now....im just waiting 4 my second piercing (inspired by the super hot Megan Fox from Transformers)
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to heal so i can start wasting money on even MORE earings. LOL... fyi... because of my piercing, i cant eat egg, chicken and seafood for a week... and im filling up on junk food for now.... i cant decide if its a good thing or bad... on one hand, i'll get fat from all the junk food... on the other hand, if i only eat veggies then it balances out the unhealthy junk food right??? but since i cant eat my normal food, my mom is feeding me pasta which is just as fattening as the junk food with all its carbs.... sheesh... talk about frustrating... when are my parents going to let up on me and give me space to breath....!??!! help....!!!!!